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May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, a global day of awareness about the death and diseases caused by tobacco. Governments and civil society organizations in Africa and around the world are taking action to raise awareness and save lives.

Get the facts about the dangers of tobacco, learn what is going on in your area and pledge to join the fight against Big Tobacco.

Updates from Africa’s Tobacco Control Movement

All across Africa, communities and governments are mobilizing to take on the tobacco industry for a healthier future. Share updates with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Tobacco is a looming plague in Africa, threatening to destroy the health of Africa’s future generations.

Child smoking a cigarette

There are 77 million smokers in Africa.

If we don’t do anything, it is projected that by 2100 one in four of the world’s smokers will live in Africa, or 336 million people total.

Tobacco companies are going all out to addict Africa’s children to their deadly products.

We should not be depressed simply because the total free world market appears to be declining. Within the total market, there are areas of strong growth; particularly in Asia and Africa… It is an exciting prospect”.

− Leaked from an internal document of British America Tobacco


Smokers and non-smokers alike will suffer the impacts

Secondhand smoke is a poisonous mixture of more than

7000 Chemicals

at least 69 of which cause cancer.

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke, we must protect the vulnerable people like children who are exposed to secondhand smoke.

But there is hope, together we can fight Big Tobacco for a healthy, thriving Africa.

Map of Africa

43 African countries have signed a World Health Organization treaty to combat tobacco, and now they must all follow through by implementing strong tobacco controls laws before Africa’s tobacco epidemic grows worse.

Join the thousands of activists who are rallying to demand our leaders implement strong tobacco control policies to protect our health. Sign the pledge.

Source: World Health Organization

  • Signed the treaty
  • Have passed comprehensive legislation to fight Tobacco Usage

Sign the Pledge

A healthier Africa free from the harms of tobacco starts with you. Sign the pledge to fight Big Tobacco and we will reach out to get you involved in the tobacco control movement in your community.


I will not allow Big Tobacco to harm my community. I pledge to join the fight for stronger tobacco control policies in my area and call on elected officials to lead us to a healthier future free from the harms of tobacco.

Thanks for Signing the Pledge

Thank you for pledging to support tobacco control! We need your friends and family to join the movement. Use the links above to share the pledge on Facebook or Twitter.


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